April 17, 2017


Spring starts a little late for us here in Pennsylvania, but we have had some really beautiful days lately. 

I took my little man's Easter photos in his little Cadillac. I love how they turned out.

We had a nice Easter at the house with friends. I hope you friends had a wonderful Easter!

February 18, 2017


I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day! I was really happy I got to spend the day with both of my Valentines (my husband and my son of course lol.) We had a really nice breakfast and just kinda hung out and did things around the house. Later in the evening my husband and I had some wine and a nice dinner. I got some gorgeous red roses. It was a happy day!

I made my son ( Or my "moon and stars" as I like to call him) a festive Valentine's Day french toast breakfast. I love making him fun meals like these. I am going to be a little sad when he grows out of it.

We got a little more snow these passed few weeks. We have been enjoying this last bit of winter. I am SO excited for spring though! I can't wait for everything to bloom and be green and warm again.

I have finally been able to work on some home renovation projects and have been taking pictures of that for some near future posts. I have really been enjoying finally tackling renovations that have needed  to be done around the overlook cottage. I'm looking forward to sharing those with you here on the blog.

Have a great weekend friends! xx

February 10, 2017


Valentine's Day for my husband and I is just an excuse to eat yummy food, drink wine, snuggle up on the couch and watch movies. For this Valentine's day I made these supper delicious Vegan cheesecakes! A girlfriend told me how to make these and I thought I would pass along how to make them here on the blog. 

Not only are raw desserts super simple to make, but they keep you from having so much refined sugar and are healthier for you. 

For the crust I put 1 cup pitted dates, and 1 cup of walnuts in my food processor and blended them together.

People normally blend the walnuts up first- this allows them to be chopped up really fine, but I like my walnuts blended in with my dates so that the walnut pieces are a little bigger. 

You can use tiny cupcake paper liners, but I just lightly grease my pan and cut strips of parchment paper for tabs. They pop out really easy. Simply press your crust into the cups really well.

This calls for coconut milk, not milk you buy in a carton, but full fat canned milk. Just scoop the meat of the coconut off the top of the can.

In a food processor add:

  • 1 1/2 cups raw cashews (soaked in water over night)
  • 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup real lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
Blend until everything is liquefied. No chunks, just a smooth mixture.

Poor your filling evenly into each cup.

I blended up some fresh raspberries and swirled the raspberry sauce around the top of the cheesecake filling with a toothpick. You can use any berry sauce you like though. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer for about 4 hours.

These are so simple, naturally sweet, soft and super creamy. I hope you enjoy! Xx

January 22, 2017


When my son was born I became a lot more chemically conscious. He had sensitive skin, so we used the Honest Company diapers and products with him from the start. Since he is now a toddler, and into kitchen cabinets and shelves- most of our household cleaning items have been traded in for cleaners that are a lot safer to have around the house. 

 I used to think using bleach was my answer to keeping whites white, but I noticed that over time the more I used bleach on my whites, they started to look dingy. I stopped using bleach, and have found an easy and safer way to keep my whites bright white.

1. The Honest Company had always impressed us, and always came through for us, so we decided to try their household items. Now, to remove stains I use the Honest Company stain remover and it works great for my sons spills and stains. It also works great for spills on the carpet or rugs.

2 .I also love using the honest company 4 in one laundry pods. I have never had a problem with them and they seem to help with brightening up my whites. Plus they were rated an A with the EWG!

3. The real "trick" to getting clothes whiter is using a half cup of real lemon juice to each wash. This works amazing! You will see a VERY noticeable difference. I also like washing my whites in warm (not hot) water.

4.  Adding a half cup of vinegar to each load also acts as a fabric softener.

5.  To remove under arm stains, I use equal parts hydrogen peroxide, dawn dish soap and baking soda. I rub that all in and let it set for about an hour and wash with a normal white load as usual.

6. It's also important to dry clothes on low heat.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to get your white clothes brighter?


January 19, 2017


My birthday was the 14th and my husband got me some Rae Dunn mugs to add to my little collection of Rae Dunn things. As well as some really gorgeous blooms that have me wishing for spring.

Lately I have been hearing him say a lot more words. Choo choo, being his new favorite.

I make a lot of Shepherd's pie in our house. I love making a healthy version. It really hits the spot on the colder days.

We got a small amount of snow so far. This has been a pretty mild winter for us here. But oh how pretty it is to look at.

Last weekend we took a drive to Ohiopyle , and it was just beautiful! No white water rafting this time around though. 

Snow, snow, snow.

January 2, 2017


TO MY PHILLIP: Tomorrow is your birthday! My oh my how these two years have flown by!!! It feels like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. I remember that day SO clear! It was in the middle of a snow storm. I remember you were so quiet the whole ride home, snuggled all warm in your blankets and car seat.

These past two years have been full of excitement and so much joy. I can't believe you are running, talking, singing, dancing and feeding yourself. You are so smart already! I love seeing you learn your numbers and hearing you count. You have loved music since you were so tiny, but now when I hear you sing or see you dance, I always think back to when you wouldn't go to sleep at night unless piano music was playing softly.

I am so excited to see what this year brings. You are learning so fast, and you don't miss a beat. Always on the go, ready to make friends or talk to someone new.

Daddy and I love you so much! Our hearts are so full! Happy Birthday sweet boy!